Licensed Massage Therapist
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Gary Gammon is a 1999 graduate of Florida College of Natural Health, in Altamonte Springs, Fl. Having worked in several spa's in the Orlando area I have learned to use my hands in a soothing manner to ease stress, relieve tension and set your mind at ease.

For Several years I worked with a variety of physicians, from Medical Doctors, to Chiropractic physicians, to Osteopathic Physicians, Neurologist's and those specializing in pain management. Now I bring my skills to you.

Now, I have my own practice, based in St. Cloud Florida, but serving the Greater Orlando area. I am a constant study of anatomy and physiology as how it relates to massage therapy. I am always looking to find the soft tissue component of injuries, illness & physical insult.

I study and apply American Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial release and many theories of its application (Chaitow, Rolf, Myers, Dalton).

I am amazed at the sensitivity of Craniosacral therapy and still marvel at the effect such light touch can have on the human being (Upledger, Shea).

I have studied Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and achieved licensure as a Lymphedema therapist. Lymphatic Work is the single biggest has changed my view of the body in ways I could never have imagined, and improved my ability to help my clients

I practice breath work (chi gung) to understand the effect breath has on the strengths and weakness of my clients.

I Study, ....constantly. To find the soft tissue link in an injury or pathology, to help my clients relax & heal.

Without a doubt the greatest teacher I have studied with is my clients past and present.

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